Is it Time for a New Heating and Cooling System?

An overview on how to tell if your heating and cooling system is the right size and how to have a new system measured correctly. You probably don’t think very much about your heating and cooling system until it gives out and then it is probably all you think about. Today most homes are equipped to create a comfortable climate controlled environment but if you have the wrong system in place you probably aren’t getting much enjoyment out of it.

How can you tell if your heating and cooling system is the wrong size for the space it is intended for? That is not always an easy question to answer. If your system is the correct size and working correctly but your climate control is less than comfortable it could be the result of faulty insulation letting hot or cold air to combat and defeat your system.

There are several indicators that point to a heating or cooling system that is the wrong size that may be exacerbated by poor insulation. High energy bills are often your first clue that something is wrong. Another hint that your system is not working effectively is your comfort level. An air conditioning unit that is the wrong size will do one of two things when it runs. It will either make the room feel moist like a humid day in Florida or it will make the room feel so cold you need to wear a ski parka inside to keep warm. Neither one of these scenarios creates an acceptable level of climate control in your home.

And if your heating system is the wrong size, not only will it show with high energy bills but you will also have a house that is never comfortable. Much like an incorrectly sized air conditioning unit creates an unbalanced climate; an incorrectly sized heating system will also create an uncomfortable and unbalanced climate, either making your house uncomfortably hot or lukewarm.

Finally, if your system is running non stop but not creating the climate control it is supposed to be creating or runs briefly and then shuts off repeatedly because it thinks it has reached that climate comfort level, you definitely have a heating or cooling system that is the wrong size for your space.

So what can you do to correct this? First you will need to have a HVAC contractor take a look at your home and your system to measure your home for a new system. It is important that the HVAC technician come out to your home to do this and not just give you bid over the phone based on the square footage of your home. That is how your home ended up incorrectly sized for a heating and cooling system in the first place and it’s also a red flag.

There are a lot of variables that come into place to measure your system correctly. Including the square footage, the age of the home and how well it is insulated. Your HVAC technician can physically examine your home and all of these components to come up with the correct size unit that will fit your needs.