Air Duct Cleaning Salt Lake City- What is it and How to Do it

The air in your home is filled with impurities. If you smoke, your lungs don’t get rid of all the contaminants, which is also true for the air inside your air ducts. Secondhand smoke can stay in the mood for weeks after you’ve put out the cigarette. Because of this, air duct cleaning is a good idea for a home.

Mold and bacteria can grow in your ducts due to multiple reasons. Improper HVAC system installation, leaks, or poor ductwork can lead to these issues. Using fiberglass-based insulation, you can get mold and pests from a dirty duct. You should always choose a certified contractor, but even then, you shouldn’t expect a problem-free cleaning experience.

Before hiring a professional, you should investigate the ducts yourself. Look for fine dust or discoloration. Remove the duct cover and wipe the inside with a damp rag. If you find excessive dust or discoloration, call a professional. You’ll need to pay a bit more if there’s excessive dust. If the duct is full of dust, you should consider hiring a professional to clean it.

If you’re experiencing unexplained symptoms or allergies, consider air duct cleaning as a first-line treatment. Routine cleaning may not be necessary if you’re only experiencing occasional symptoms. However, if the symptoms persist long, you might consider a professional service. The cost of air duct cleaning company salt lake city is worth the investment. You’ll avoid future costly repairs and duct cleaning by keeping your air ducts clean.

Rodents can live in air ducts and cause disease. One of the worst diseases caused by rodents is hantavirus, which spreads through the dust that contains rodent droppings. Cotton rats, deer mice, and white-footed mice can all be carriers of hantavirus. Rice rats, in particular, can even carry plague. In addition to the disease-causing bacteria, rodent droppings can bring disease and feces into your home.

Even if your HVAC system has a filter, likely, dust is already in your ducts. If you see the dust on your vents, it’s time to change your furnace’s filter. If your furnace filters are dirty, dust will continue to build up in the air and become airborne. Addressing this problem will improve air quality and reduce your chances of a sick home.

In addition to causing allergies and contributing to several health problems, dusty air ducts can make your home more contaminated than before. Dust mites are responsible for a high percentage of allergies and people living with asthma. Additionally, ducts can contain harmful materials to your health and circulate these contaminants throughout the home. Water damage and vermin infestation are also reasons to clean your ducts. After water damage, the EPA recommends cleaning your ducts to prevent mold growth and restore air quality.

The first step in air duct cleaning is to unscrew the return vents. This step can expose lost items that have been hiding in the ducts. Next, the perimeter of the air vents should be cleaned. Then, you’ll need to replace any vent covers. The air ducts need to be dry to prevent mold and mildew from growing. It’s a long process, but the results can be worth the effort.

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